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Firstly I would like to say that I’ve been a compulsive gambler for 6 years which has lead me to bankruptcy and ultimately rock bottom in my life. At first I didn’t know what to expect coming into the Flinders Medical Centre for the first time it was pretty daunting however I adapted in 2 days.

Over the course of the 14 day program I learnt new coping strategies and ways to deal with gambling urges, also seen my urges reduce significantly from 8/8 to a 1/8 through the therapy techniques. I was exposed to gambling bet slips, opening bet slips, watching sporting games and not knowing the final results as a part of the therapy. It was very hard and I struggled at times, there were some sleepless nights, arguments with family / partner over the phone and some emotional/ tearful moments but I worked through them.

Since being back in Port Lincoln I have continued to use their therapy techniques and perspective I had learnt while at Flinders Medical Centre. I’ve noticed a massive change in happiness, overall mental health, appetite, money management and what really matters to me in life. My level of importance for things has changed for the better as well. For example: I’m able to afford things for myself and my partner now without having to stress about money or not having any. I have a lot more financially reliable in the 3 months I haven’t been gambling and especially now since being back from the Statewide Gambling Therapy Program.

In conclusion I’m writing this review because I’m a young male, who believes I can help someone else who struggled like I did for so long. It’s never a nice feeling not knowing how to deal With or fix your gambling urges and stop gambling in life. It’s like a drug / alcohol addiction you need to follow a process and it will work. For anyone thinking of really wanting to quit i highly recommend this program and Ben / Sharon as well. They are professional and the level of expertise and relief I felt when they helped me through my journey has been incredible.

Chase your dreams, not your losses
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