The Statewide Gambling Therapy Service was established by Professor Malcolm Battersby and is now under the Directorship of Professor Michael Baigent.

Our vision and goals

We are pleased to report our service continues to be a world leader in gambling therapy.

Our strategic goals are:

  • To ensure patients with Gambling Disorder (GD) and complex problems receive a comprehensive, culturally appropriate, multidisciplinary, biopsychosocial assessment and evidence-based treatment including psychiatric inpatient admission if required.
  • To ensure our patients show an improvement in the severity of their GD reflected in their behaviour and related psychometric measures.
  • To ensure patients with a GD who would benefit, can access our service with ease and are identified and referred by other health providers.
  • To ensure quality improvement by adherence to SA Health and SAHLN Mental Health Service policies and procedures through patient evaluation of outcomes and research to improve treatments.

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Chase your dreams, not your losses
The Statewide Gambling Therapy Service is provided by the Southern Adelaide Local Network, and is funded through SA Health
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