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I started using the Statewide Gambling Therapy Service as I had a long-standing addiction to Sports Gambling. My addiction went back almost 15 years, mainly gambling on soccer and horse racing.

Part of my problem was that being such a big sports fanatic, I thought my knowledge would help me outdo the bookies.

Another problem was that there was always another soccer match or another race and anything I did win would automatically go on the next thing. So, any knowledge I had, went out of the window as I desperately chased any losses.

My treatment helped explain how my brain works in these situations but more importantly, gave me practical exercises and tasks that could help me cope with the situation moving forward.

I cannot recommend the treatment and continued support any more highly and I’m delighted to say I have not had a single bet in the 2.5 years since my treatment finished.

Chase your dreams, not your losses
The Statewide Gambling Therapy Service is provided by the Southern Adelaide Local Network, and is funded through SA Health
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